A Night Of Musical Theatre 4


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The Cast of Fire&Ice Theatrical Troupe

performing their Broadway Musical Favorites.

 The show took place at the Gold Bar Room Theatre in Cripple Creek, Colorado.



Dante Martinez

Joel Diehl

Kathryn McCarty

Amanda Mayo

Niki Paul

Tomi Kaiser

Jae St. Jules

Megan Jean Robinson



Jeremie Doyal

Jerecho Loveall

Troy Beard

Sarah Paul



Director - Dante Martinez

Asst. Director - Jeremie Doyal


Technical Director - Troy Beard

Set Designer - Jerecho Loveall

Asst. Set Designer - Dante Martinez


Costume Designer - Dante Martinez


Stage Manager - Troy Beard

Asst. Stage Manager - Sarah Paul


Audio/Visual Director - Jeremie Doyal

Lighting Designer - Jeremie Doyal

Audio Designer - Jeremie Doyal

Video Designer - Jeremie Doyal

Asst. Video Designer - Dante Martinez


Song Recordings by Jeremie Doyal


A Special Thank You To

The Gold Bar Room Theatre

For The Venue

JOEL DIEHL - Corner of The Sky

From Pippin

NIKI PAUL - Someone Like You

From Jekyll & Hyde

AMANDA MAYO - Think of Me

From Phantom

DANTE - Empty Chairs at Empty Tables From Les Miserables

Dante - Till I Hear You Sing

From Love Never Dies


From Les Miserables

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